Advice from professionals: How to get rid of retouching work forever!

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz.

You are very lucky and successful person if you “created” yourself and do what you love from day-to-day. It is priceless feeling to enjoy your work. Some people call it a paid hobby, a calling, but for most photographers their work is a life itself.

Creating gorgeous photos is an art, but being an artist is a very complicated job. It takes a lot of physical and emotional efforts along with the professionalism to deliver a great result. All day long a photographer puts his heart into his works, tries heart to meet the client’s expectations, comes home with the bunch of photos and starts retouching them.

Every profession has its cons thus, the disadvantage of being a photographer is retouching. It is so-called “dirty work”. Obviously, your customer wants the edited photos and expects all of them right on the next or better at the same day. Here you go, the phone rings off the hook, the text messages overload your cell phone along with the emails screaming from the lines “When will I have my photos done?”. But all you need is to get relaxed after a hard-working day, have a cup of something tasty and to spend your time with the family and friends. But customers do not care if you have some private life or at least need it. But still they pay thus, you are forced to make the job that you do not really want to do. Sounds familiar to you?

What if you could forget about the “dirty work”? What if you could look for the new clients, earn more money doing your favourite work or spend more time on your private life instead of wasting it on retouching photos? It is so easy to fix, you just need to wish for it!

The market is full of professional retouching companies who may help do all the dirty work for you. The team of retouching specialists can take care of your photos 3 times faster and save up to 80% of your time. As you know, time is money. Thanks to the regular company structure, the managers take a close control of the photo editors and are responsible for the result. You can stay in a close communication with the team until your project is completed. Get your photos done faster, cheaper still with the high quality.

Forget about the lack of sleep, irritating calls and monotonous work. Develop yourself in something that you love and enjoy to do. Make your every day 100% magical and unforgettable, spend more time with people not with the soulless machine. It’s all in your hands.

Just remember, most of the successful professional photographers have already made their choice! Become one of them!



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