Retouch photos for Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress? What for?

Just a couple of years ago most of the customers felt comfortable shopping in their local malls despite the queues, weather conditions and wasting time on getting to the store. Even when the era of e-shops came, they felt unsafe to provide the sensitive credit card information on the internet and it took some time to get used to shopping online. According to statistics, the worldwide B2C e-commerce sales equaled 1058 billion dollars in 2012, but they increased up to 1700 billion dollars by the end of 2015 year. The quality of online stores improved along with the sales growth.

In the internet space, the most popular online shops are Ebay, Amazon and AliExpress. The diversity of goods there may fit any customer’s budget. Billions of consumers spend money there and millions of retailers offer the products.

Well, from the first sight, it looks easy to sell things online. You just sign up to Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay, upload the photos, write the description and that’s it. But unfortunately, it is not as easy as it seems. If you do really want to sell your products, not just to show them, you have to be commercially viable as there are millions of competitors breathing down your neck.

There are a lot of factors that influence your online sales: the price, the description of the good, the feedback from your clients, the customer support, but one of the most important factors is the look of your products. As we have mentioned in our previous articles, the beautiful things attract people more thus, it’s crucial to have the attractive and quality photos. Once the customer sees the dark, blurred and unclear photos, he will never come back to you. One more reason the pictures should be good is the comparison, which directly influences the feedback. The customer should receive exactly the same thing that he has seen on the photo. If not, be ready for the heavy criticism as a feedback.

Preparing photos for the e-stores is a difficult and time-consuming work. If you are really good at it and familiar with the pictures requirements for Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. There is a good saying “Do what you do best, and outsource the rest”. The logics is clear, if you have never done it or not sure that the result will satisfy you, just leave to professionals. Modern photo retouching agencies know exactly what to do with your photos to meet the requirements of the online shops and make people like your products. While your photos are getting ready, you can focus on creating the description or just to relax. The turnaround is fast and the price worth it.

Make attractive photos, increase your sales, do your best and…well, you know.

Ghost mannequin. A Fairy Tale or reality?

Online stores become more and more popular every day. There was a time when a very few people had an idea on how to shop online but for others it was a pitch black. Nowadays it is hard to find a person who has never used the services of e-shops. Almost all of them are cut-and-dry:  you search for the product, click the button to add it to the shopping cart and pay for it. The competition is high thus, the sellers try to invent some new ways to attract new clients. They make the sites more user-friendly, hire the experienced customer care representatives and improve the look of the goods.

One of the most popular and high growing industries is a sale of clothing. It saves a great amount of customer’s time and helps to avoid the common issues like standing in a queue, looking for the right size or for the shop assistant. All the needed information is right there on the screen.

But how to make people want to buy your clothes? How to present them in an attractive way spending less money? Obviously, the work of professional models costs a lot of money and time but a photo of a dress placed on the floor is not a good way to go. In offline shops, the mannequins are widely used and rather popular tool to demonstrate the 3d model of cloth. If you want to see how the t-shirt or a dress looks inside, you can easily ask the shop assistant to take it off the mannequin and show it to you. But it is impossible to see the cloth itself with no odd elements in online shop thus, you can just guess how it looks like. Moreover, the mannequins used in e-shop look very unattractive and cheap.

The solution is very easy, it’s a ghost mannequin. No, it has nothing to do with mystic or esoterics. The ghost mannequin allows your customers to see the clothes in all their beauty, both outside and inside their parts. It is a very attractive way of presenting your goods because all the customer’s attention concentrates on the object itself but not on the parts of something sticking out from the sleeves and neck holes.

Most of the well-known brands are already enjoying the use of ghost mannequin and the effect it has on the customer. The ghost mannequin can increase your sales up to 50%, attract new clients and save your money. Now it’s your turn to use the new and proven way of presenting your clothes. Go for it!

Advice from professionals: How to get rid of retouching work forever!

“People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.” – Thomas Szasz.

You are very lucky and successful person if you “created” yourself and do what you love from day-to-day. It is priceless feeling to enjoy your work. Some people call it a paid hobby, a calling, but for most photographers their work is a life itself.

Creating gorgeous photos is an art, but being an artist is a very complicated job. It takes a lot of physical and emotional efforts along with the professionalism to deliver a great result. All day long a photographer puts his heart into his works, tries heart to meet the client’s expectations, comes home with the bunch of photos and starts retouching them.

Every profession has its cons thus, the disadvantage of being a photographer is retouching. It is so-called “dirty work”. Obviously, your customer wants the edited photos and expects all of them right on the next or better at the same day. Here you go, the phone rings off the hook, the text messages overload your cell phone along with the emails screaming from the lines “When will I have my photos done?”. But all you need is to get relaxed after a hard-working day, have a cup of something tasty and to spend your time with the family and friends. But customers do not care if you have some private life or at least need it. But still they pay thus, you are forced to make the job that you do not really want to do. Sounds familiar to you?

What if you could forget about the “dirty work”? What if you could look for the new clients, earn more money doing your favourite work or spend more time on your private life instead of wasting it on retouching photos? It is so easy to fix, you just need to wish for it!

The market is full of professional retouching companies who may help do all the dirty work for you. The team of retouching specialists can take care of your photos 3 times faster and save up to 80% of your time. As you know, time is money. Thanks to the regular company structure, the managers take a close control of the photo editors and are responsible for the result. You can stay in a close communication with the team until your project is completed. Get your photos done faster, cheaper still with the high quality.

Forget about the lack of sleep, irritating calls and monotonous work. Develop yourself in something that you love and enjoy to do. Make your every day 100% magical and unforgettable, spend more time with people not with the soulless machine. It’s all in your hands.

Just remember, most of the successful professional photographers have already made their choice! Become one of them!



How to increase your sales with beautiful photos?

You might have already noticed that psychologically beautiful things attract people. No matter what age category you belong to, it’s necessary to surround yourself with elegant and nice objects. From the very childhood girls want to have cute shiny dresses and charming dolls. Little boys are crazy about good-looking cars and  stunning robots. Nothing changes when we grow up. The toys and small dresses turn into actual vehicles and real clothes, but still the attractiveness is the key element in making decision.  

Of course, the food in an ugly package may be tasty and the hideous dress can be comfortable, but let’s take into account the psychological behaviour of your customer. How do you think, what has more chances to be sold: a tasty food or a comfortable dress that looks doubtfully or the one, which catches your eye once you see it? Yes, the appearance does matter. Let’s not forget about it when showing the products to your customer.

Unfortunately, nowadays it is almost impossible to make a perfect photo of goods even using the most professional camera. Still there will be some flaws like a lack of color and shininess, odd elements or even bad exposure. All these facts directly influence your sales because the customer wants everything to be perfect as he pays for this.

No matter what you sell – clothes, jewelry, cars or food – all these photos need the professional retouching work. The experienced photo editors know how to make the photos tasty and shiny, how to make people want them. You might have never seen a zit on the model’s face or the plaits on her clothes in the fashion magazine. It’s impossible to find the scratches or defects on the perfume bottles in the advertisement. Why? Because they know what people want to see and they just show it!

Everybody knows that perfect things do not exist but it does not prevent from wanting them. Just give your customers what they want! Make the world beautiful with the perfect photos of your products and you will see how your sales increase.



Freelancer VS retouching company

We all like to take delight in looking at the beautiful professional photos, enjoy the colors and the scene, but in fact, very few people understand the role of the photos in their business. Actually, the use of professionally retouched images can help you attract new clients, increase your sales up to 50% and just help you demonstrate your professionalism. As the photos have a great influence on your business, the role of your photos’ retoucher should not be underestimated.

Good, quality and tasty photos is a ticket to success and straight road to your business development. There are thousands of retouchers who can take care of your photos, but the quality of care depends. Once Aristotle said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. You can check which habits a retouching company or freelancer has. Both variants are available on the market though each has its pros and cons.

You never know what kind of freelancer you face until you have the result. There is a big amount of decent ones but, unfortunately, there are also occasional bad apples. What are the pros of freelancer’s work? As a rule, their work is cheaper than the work of the company as they work individually. Also, you do not need to develop any contracts in order to start working with a freelancer, thus not to pay any compensation if you decided to stop collaboration.

However, the work with the freelancer has its cons. As a rule, the self-employed people work on multiple projects at the same time thus, they might not be available when you need them. Let’s not forget about the quality loss when you try to spread yourself too thin. As was mentioned before, you do not need any type of contract to start working with a freelancer but if you would like them to deal with some confidential information, having a non-disclosure agreement signed is crucial.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of work with the retouching company. Surely, the companies differ. Some of them do not care about the reputation, feedbacks and quality. Generally, the prosperous companies make a lot of efforts to be competitive thus, constantly improve the quality of work along with the customer care techniques. The work volume is always divided between the company retouchers taking into account the professional orientation of the editor. The team is under the close control of the manager, which helps to meet the project’s’ deadline and deliver the quality result. In most of the cases, you cannot communicate directly with the team but with the company representative. Taking into account all these facts, the price of company work may be a little higher than the one you pay to freelancer. If to speak about the outsource retouching company, the price is much lower than the local freelancer charges but the quality remains high as there is still the team of photo editors and managers who control their work, cares about the feedbacks and are result oriented.

It’s always up to you to develop your business or help it sink! Just remember that the quality and speed means too much to disregard them!



How to Increase Sales of Your Online Shop With Better Photos?

Online, just like in real life, the first impression is often the most important. When we are talking about an online shop, the photos are the ones that let us know whether we can trust the site and do our shopping on it or move on to greener pastures i.e. more trust worthy sites. The industry studies have shown that for more than 60% of the people who are doing their shopping online the quality of the pictures is a real symbol of the quality of the site. Quality photos are apparently more important than product descriptions and even the product details and specifications.

The photos you have on your e-shop can literally sell your product on their own, believe it or not. The specialists in online marketing can’t emphasize enough on the importance of professional photo retouching for the e-commerce businesses. Be it on amazon.com, ebay.com or even etsy.com, the photos of your products need to be perfect and perfectly enticing.

In order to get that glamorous, appealing look for your online products you can either work with a well-known photographer and pay the high price or you can take the pictures of the products yourself or with the help of a more talented friend and then send them to a professional retouching agency. The second is by far the most affordable version and also the one that really guarantees you’ll have the best possible in terms of product photos. Each and every picture you send will be analyzed separately and then different techniques like product isolation; photography editing and photography manipulation will be used to put your product in the best light.

How the product pictures look like on the site gives us an indication of the quality of the product, so it’s in the site’s owner best interest to put online only the best photos ever. Online, the potential client is not able to touch, feel, smell the product displayed, all he has is a picture or more of the product. Making the most of that image is making more or the most sales.

Just have a look at your favorite shopping sites and you’ll see what we mean: good photos make the difference in between success and fail. And with competition so fierce on every niche nowadays, the e-commerce site owner has to put the money where it counts: into the photos of the products. For the best results it is always recommended to work with a professional retouching agency. Keep in mind to ask if they do digital photo retouching and also to see their photo retouching portfolio before contracting them to do your work.

Tips & Tricks for Photographers: How to Save 80% Time on Retouching?

The most common complaint that photographers have is that they don’t have enough time to work as they spend more than 80% of their time editing and retouching photos. And this is even more of a problem if we’re talking about wedding photography. As weddings are seasonal a photographer can only spend a little of his time on retouching wedding photos because otherwise he or she might lose other work commitments. But, at the same time, can you afford NOT to put in the proper amount of time to ensure the newlyweds and their friends and family have the best pictures ever from their special event?

It looks like a vicious circle with no way out: to retouch wedding photos can take a tremendous amount of a photographer’s time and even make him lose other clients, but not providing high quality wedding retouching services can be also extremely damaging to his business and personal image. So, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

It might sound crazy because it’s so simple and affordable but the solution is to outsource the wedding photography retouching altogether! In doing this you get enough time to do what you’re really good at: taking pictures!  You will also get rid of the entire nuisance that comes together with bridal photo editing: color and exposure corrections, cleaning the background and even slimming the bride a little and removing the spots and wrinkles from her face.

The wedding is quite a stressful event as it is, and not only for the ones directly involved like the bride and groom, but for the photographer too! You have to work miracles to set the magic moments on film even if the light is not the most flattering or the weather is awful. You don’t need the extra worry of considering how many pictures you can pull to give your clients and how much work will be involved in this after the wedding is over. And we all know that the clients want the pictures as soon as possible, but most of them will not accept anything less than world class quality.

Getting in touch with a retouching agency now is probably the best thing you can do, both for you and your clients. Enjoy more time for yourself and let the professional retouchers get in charge of turning your work into art work! With a fast turnaround and offering exquisite services, our retouching agency can be just your dream come true!

Why choose us for your photo retouching?

Why choose us for your photo retouching? Not only that we provide professional photo retouching services in a timely manner, but we also strive to adjust to the style of every client, be it a company or an individual. Even if it is an online retouching service, real people will be at your service to answer questions and discuss the project. Our strong work ethic and investing time in communication with our clients help us deliver superb quality photos and services at the highest standard in the industry. We DO care for each and one of our clients and we believe that their success is our mission, so we put a lot of research and work into every project we have. What to expect when working with us? The project starts with the client filling a brief to make sure we understand all the project details and the style that is required. After this we research the subject and then proceed to the photo retouching while maintaining close communication with the client at all times. Whether you are looking for wedding photos retouching, adding special effects to your photos, restoring old photographs or any other kind of photo retouching service, our experts are looking forward to get in touch with you.

Why do you need wedding photo retouching services?

Are you a professional photographer or a wedding studio? Whatever your answer is, you will be interested in our wedding photo retouching services that will make your work look even more fabulous. Why invest lots of time in retouching hundreds of wedding photos after the event? Just send your photos to us; you will be impressed with the results. Our online wedding retouching services come to complete your work, make it state of the art and help you attract more clients. We know most clients want the photos edited the next day after the wedding if possible, work with us and deliver top quality photos at a fraction of the time.
Wedding photos should be of an exquisite quality and very artistic as there is a lot of emotional charge to them. They are precious memories to last a lifetime, so don’t hurry to do the photo retouching yourself, let our highly skilled professionals do the work and enjoy getting a lot of recommendations from your clients.