Freelancer VS retouching company

We all like to take delight in looking at the beautiful professional photos, enjoy the colors and the scene, but in fact, very few people understand the role of the photos in their business. Actually, the use of professionally retouched images can help you attract new clients, increase your sales up to 50% and just help you demonstrate your professionalism. As the photos have a great influence on your business, the role of your photos’ retoucher should not be underestimated.

Good, quality and tasty photos is a ticket to success and straight road to your business development. There are thousands of retouchers who can take care of your photos, but the quality of care depends. Once Aristotle said, “Quality is not an act, it is a habit”. You can check which habits a retouching company or freelancer has. Both variants are available on the market though each has its pros and cons.

You never know what kind of freelancer you face until you have the result. There is a big amount of decent ones but, unfortunately, there are also occasional bad apples. What are the pros of freelancer’s work? As a rule, their work is cheaper than the work of the company as they work individually. Also, you do not need to develop any contracts in order to start working with a freelancer, thus not to pay any compensation if you decided to stop collaboration.

However, the work with the freelancer has its cons. As a rule, the self-employed people work on multiple projects at the same time thus, they might not be available when you need them. Let’s not forget about the quality loss when you try to spread yourself too thin. As was mentioned before, you do not need any type of contract to start working with a freelancer but if you would like them to deal with some confidential information, having a non-disclosure agreement signed is crucial.

Now, let’s look at the pros and cons of work with the retouching company. Surely, the companies differ. Some of them do not care about the reputation, feedbacks and quality. Generally, the prosperous companies make a lot of efforts to be competitive thus, constantly improve the quality of work along with the customer care techniques. The work volume is always divided between the company retouchers taking into account the professional orientation of the editor. The team is under the close control of the manager, which helps to meet the project’s’ deadline and deliver the quality result. In most of the cases, you cannot communicate directly with the team but with the company representative. Taking into account all these facts, the price of company work may be a little higher than the one you pay to freelancer. If to speak about the outsource retouching company, the price is much lower than the local freelancer charges but the quality remains high as there is still the team of photo editors and managers who control their work, cares about the feedbacks and are result oriented.

It’s always up to you to develop your business or help it sink! Just remember that the quality and speed means too much to disregard them!



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