Ghost mannequin. A Fairy Tale or reality?

Online stores become more and more popular every day. There was a time when a very few people had an idea on how to shop online but for others it was a pitch black. Nowadays it is hard to find a person who has never used the services of e-shops. Almost all of them are cut-and-dry:  you search for the product, click the button to add it to the shopping cart and pay for it. The competition is high thus, the sellers try to invent some new ways to attract new clients. They make the sites more user-friendly, hire the experienced customer care representatives and improve the look of the goods.

One of the most popular and high growing industries is a sale of clothing. It saves a great amount of customer’s time and helps to avoid the common issues like standing in a queue, looking for the right size or for the shop assistant. All the needed information is right there on the screen.

But how to make people want to buy your clothes? How to present them in an attractive way spending less money? Obviously, the work of professional models costs a lot of money and time but a photo of a dress placed on the floor is not a good way to go. In offline shops, the mannequins are widely used and rather popular tool to demonstrate the 3d model of cloth. If you want to see how the t-shirt or a dress looks inside, you can easily ask the shop assistant to take it off the mannequin and show it to you. But it is impossible to see the cloth itself with no odd elements in online shop thus, you can just guess how it looks like. Moreover, the mannequins used in e-shop look very unattractive and cheap.

The solution is very easy, it’s a ghost mannequin. No, it has nothing to do with mystic or esoterics. The ghost mannequin allows your customers to see the clothes in all their beauty, both outside and inside their parts. It is a very attractive way of presenting your goods because all the customer’s attention concentrates on the object itself but not on the parts of something sticking out from the sleeves and neck holes.

Most of the well-known brands are already enjoying the use of ghost mannequin and the effect it has on the customer. The ghost mannequin can increase your sales up to 50%, attract new clients and save your money. Now it’s your turn to use the new and proven way of presenting your clothes. Go for it!

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