How to Increase Sales of Your Online Shop With Better Photos?

Online, just like in real life, the first impression is often the most important. When we are talking about an online shop, the photos are the ones that let us know whether we can trust the site and do our shopping on it or move on to greener pastures i.e. more trust worthy sites. The industry studies have shown that for more than 60% of the people who are doing their shopping online the quality of the pictures is a real symbol of the quality of the site. Quality photos are apparently more important than product descriptions and even the product details and specifications.

The photos you have on your e-shop can literally sell your product on their own, believe it or not. The specialists in online marketing can’t emphasize enough on the importance of professional photo retouching for the e-commerce businesses. Be it on, or even, the photos of your products need to be perfect and perfectly enticing.

In order to get that glamorous, appealing look for your online products you can either work with a well-known photographer and pay the high price or you can take the pictures of the products yourself or with the help of a more talented friend and then send them to a professional retouching agency. The second is by far the most affordable version and also the one that really guarantees you’ll have the best possible in terms of product photos. Each and every picture you send will be analyzed separately and then different techniques like product isolation; photography editing and photography manipulation will be used to put your product in the best light.

How the product pictures look like on the site gives us an indication of the quality of the product, so it’s in the site’s owner best interest to put online only the best photos ever. Online, the potential client is not able to touch, feel, smell the product displayed, all he has is a picture or more of the product. Making the most of that image is making more or the most sales.

Just have a look at your favorite shopping sites and you’ll see what we mean: good photos make the difference in between success and fail. And with competition so fierce on every niche nowadays, the e-commerce site owner has to put the money where it counts: into the photos of the products. For the best results it is always recommended to work with a professional retouching agency. Keep in mind to ask if they do digital photo retouching and also to see their photo retouching portfolio before contracting them to do your work.

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