Tips & Tricks for Photographers: How to Save 80% Time on Retouching?

The most common complaint that photographers have is that they don’t have enough time to work as they spend more than 80% of their time editing and retouching photos. And this is even more of a problem if we’re talking about wedding photography. As weddings are seasonal a photographer can only spend a little of his time on retouching wedding photos because otherwise he or she might lose other work commitments. But, at the same time, can you afford NOT to put in the proper amount of time to ensure the newlyweds and their friends and family have the best pictures ever from their special event?

It looks like a vicious circle with no way out: to retouch wedding photos can take a tremendous amount of a photographer’s time and even make him lose other clients, but not providing high quality wedding retouching services can be also extremely damaging to his business and personal image. So, what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

It might sound crazy because it’s so simple and affordable but the solution is to outsource the wedding photography retouching altogether! In doing this you get enough time to do what you’re really good at: taking pictures!  You will also get rid of the entire nuisance that comes together with bridal photo editing: color and exposure corrections, cleaning the background and even slimming the bride a little and removing the spots and wrinkles from her face.

The wedding is quite a stressful event as it is, and not only for the ones directly involved like the bride and groom, but for the photographer too! You have to work miracles to set the magic moments on film even if the light is not the most flattering or the weather is awful. You don’t need the extra worry of considering how many pictures you can pull to give your clients and how much work will be involved in this after the wedding is over. And we all know that the clients want the pictures as soon as possible, but most of them will not accept anything less than world class quality.

Getting in touch with a retouching agency now is probably the best thing you can do, both for you and your clients. Enjoy more time for yourself and let the professional retouchers get in charge of turning your work into art work! With a fast turnaround and offering exquisite services, our retouching agency can be just your dream come true!

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